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Baby Feeding Symptom Tracker

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Baby feeding issues occur in up to 55% of all infants in the first 6 months of life.1 They usually resolve as the baby matures however, this causes a lot of stress and anxiety for parents worsened by lack of sleep2 and numerous visits to the GP as they try to find a solution to their baby’s symptoms.3

In more than 90% of cases, treatment consists of helping the parents or caregiver get through this challenging period in the baby’s development.4 Therefore, parental reassurance and practical advice play a key role in helping parents manage feeding issues.

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Helping parents keep track of symptoms

Feeding issues in infants may present various symptoms, such as reflux, continuous crying, wind, colic symptoms or as a generally unsettled baby. It is therefore important that the parent is able to accurately relay this information to their healthcare professionals, to help with an informed, timely and accurate diagnosis.4

At SMA® Nutrition, as we continually work to help healthcare professionals support parents, we have developed a new baby symptom tracker. This printable 24-hour diary for symptoms is designed to aid parents in keeping track of baby’s symptoms when the baby has feeding issues or crying-related symptoms. Using this tracker to keep an accurate record of a baby’s symptoms and sharing it with their healthcare professional may help with having more informed conversations and lead to an earlier accurate diagnosis.

Click below to download our printable baby symptom tracker or visit our SMA® Baby club to access our online symptom checker for feeding issues.

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